What Is Money? Yea Right $$$

by: https://www.quirpo.com/

There are various and different POS systems out there. Each one would probably tell you what makes it different from another. With all these POS software types, it is easy to get confused, especially for those who are just beginning to start their own business. One modern POS type today is the right touch POS. So, what exactly is a right touch POS?

First of all, a right touch POS is a POS system that employs the usage of touch screen technology. Think of it as your touch screen phone or computer wherein you would no longer need keypads, keyboards or a mouse to control the navigation of the software. All you need is the light touch of your fingertips to make it work or to make you access what it is that you need to do. Give the physical definition, you can safely conclude that a right touch POS also removes the need to have multiple hardware systems. A typical POS system would need the monitor, the keyboard, mouse and of course the barcode scanner but since a touch POS can be navigated through touch, you would only need the touch screen and the barcode scanner.

Second, you’re probably wondering why is has to be called a right touch POS. For this, we have to look beyond the hardware or into the software. It has the label right included because its interface was made for the majority of the world?s population which is people that are right-handed. With the right touch POS, the possibility of people using their right hand to navigate through the software is extremely higher than left handed people. Don’t worry though, it’s not hard to navigate it with the left hand as well. So since most people would probably navigate with their right hand the interface was made in such a way that all the program widgets and icons are on the right side of the screen. On the left side would be interface of the program or function clicked. So, it’s basically just ergonomics. Just imagine, you see the icons of the programs at the right side, when you click on one the program interface will be shown at the left side. Most, again, read from left to right which makes this convenient and efficient.


Lastly, it is called a right touch POS because the icons at the right side never disappear so that when you wish to access another program or function, your right hand can easily click on it. So, since the main navigation tool is a person’s right hand, the right touch POS carefully employed this consideration in its software.

So, as right touch POS is basically a touch screen POS that’s ergonomically designed to function more efficiently by making the interface convenient for the user.

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