What must global marketers do effectively to reach foreign markets?

Over a billion people are online; some for work, other s for fun. Receiving information and seeing results fast is crucial to all people using the web 2.0 environment. Therefore, you need to be fast and adaptive if offering any product or service online to meet expectations. Doing things fast and effective may even mean in certain circumstances to not achieve perfection in all things we plan. This is a difficult hurdle for many as we all have been taught to do and test, tweak and turn until perfect delivery can be assured. Still, you are rewarded for being fast and productive, not for being perfect!

1. Embrace the “Do-It-Wrong-Fast” mindset as it may mean more success. Learning more and new techniques does not necessarily help as the Web 2.0 environment is changing so fast that you never can be sure that you are doing it the best possible way.

2. “Actions Create Clarity” The best way learning what does not work is doing it, analyzing what works, applying and changing, adapting. Action and not reflection will make things increasingly clear.

3. Go from a mindset of building and measuring something to First Measuring and Then Building. This means that… you have to learn analytics… e.g. Google Analytics and this will tell you EVERYTHING that happens on your website. You have to have a website up and running and you have to measure it. It is so important as you can easily understand what visitors are doing on your site. Look over the shoulder of you visitors: are they reading your posts, skimming to the end, etc.

4. Sprinting Through A Work Day with a clear daily plan; a simple list that you prepare the evening before, comprising all actions you want to accomplish. As you work through your list you will

a. Have an overview of all your activities;

Global marketers must adapt their goods and services to local preferences.b. Have a clear action plan and therefore working time efficiency;

c. Feel accomplished each time you place a check mark next to one of the actions for the day.

5. Set Your Deadlines and commit to them. Do things bad rather than not doing them at all just saying that you had no time, they are not ready yet, etc..

6. Define How You Want It To Be and remember that a maximum of 80% is achievable and that 100% are not realistic to strive for.

7. Check Each Week, analyze and fine tune your actions, now from fast track towards increasing perfection, always remaining In Steady And Continuous Action!

Global marketers must adapt their goods and services to local preferences. $$$