What your handwriting says about you

What your handwriting says about you

So you’re probably searching all over the internet for the best black duvet cover that you can possibly find. Well, there are a great deal of places that can help you. If you don’t know what a duvet cover is, basically is a cover made of cotton, silk, or some other type of material that you put over your comforter to protect it. Many people use duvets to protect down comforters as these types of comforters are generally more expensive and harder to replace. Most duvets are machine washable, but some require special cleaning. It’s important to check the tag before you wash, as putting it through a machine cycle could ruin the material.

There are a bunch of different types of duvet covers to choose from like luxury duvets, toile duvets, Egyptian cotton duvets…but lets face it; a black duvet cover is by far the best way to go.

So why would you want to buy a black duvet cover, and what does it say about you? Well…let’s find out:

1) Black is a power color it represents authority:(which is why people wear black suits a lot)

2) It looks classy and clean: Really, do you honestly think that you could impress that girl or guy if your comforter was covered with blue polka dots? I don’t think so. It’s shallow to say this, but in the American society, looks do matter.

3) Black is mysterious: Choosing a black duvet cover also makes you seem a little mysterious…which the ladies like. Men do too. If you get cover like this, usually the person that you bring in to your humble abode will take one look and raise an eyebrow. A raised eyebrow means their incredibly curious and want to know more about you. This is good.

Well anyway, that’s just a little insight into my mind as to a black duvet cover and what it says about you.