Wife Can’t Cook? I’m Hungry $$$

It is not prudent to expect that your marriage should be as they show in fairytales about living happily ever after. Marriage is a long term relationship which demands sharing of responsibilities rather than having romance alone. There is lot of difference between marriage and a love affair. Marriage is about responsibilities, whereas a love relationship is mostly about romance and an imaginary perfect world where lovers dream to live forever. Marriage involves going through thick and thin together.

When couples truly love each other, they take care of each other and share mutual respect. However, this does not mean that they will no difference. In fact, a successful marriage is about excepting each others varying opinions and feelings and learning to get along with each other.

It would be stupid and immature to expect our spouse to be perfect in all or any aspect of life. He or she is a human like us and is bound to make mistakes. Sometimes, your partner may also hurt your feelings but this does not mean that he/she does not love you. Your partner experiences various moods like all people in which he/she may sometimes also do things that you not like or even detest. If you want your marriage to be successful you will have to learn to overlook certain shortcomings on your spouse.


Some people also think that their marriage is waning if the romantic element in their relationship fades with time. This is not true. Your spouse may not act romantic with time since he/ she fall into higher responsibilities of working, managing house or looking after kids. Owing to these family pressures, he/ she may not show as much romance as if during the earlier years of your marriage.

Marriage is a relationship which requires patience, forbearance and acceptance. Most marriages fail because people fail to accept each other’s shortcomings. They expect their partners to be superman or superwoman who fulfill all their expectations which are rather only possible in utopia.

You need to consider your marriage as an institution where you and your partner learn to share responsibilities and accept each other the way you two are. Whether it is about job, career, kids or cooking, you need to do everything with mutual consultation, respecting each others preferences, liking and disliking.