You like shopping huh $$$

We all have our vices and guilt pleasures. Some of us are obsessed with good, cute jeans. Wallets are drained just to buy Gucci Replica Handbags. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, everyone is a little materialistic at times. Luckily, wanting certain accessories or clothes doesn’t have to cost us all our money! Those of us who really have to watch how much money we spend, but love cool jewelry and clothes have so many money saving tricks up our sleeves. You can find discount designer handbags for a fraction of the price of the original if you know where to shop. Just because you are shopping discount, doesn’t mean you have to get things that look worse. In fact, sometimes shopping on a budget leads you to finding really unique and cool things.

Thrift stores are some of my favorite places to shop. Some people have this preset idea that thrift stores are dirty or gross, but that’s entirely untrue. Obviously anything you buy from a thrift store you want to wash before wearing, but that’s simply because it may have belonged to some one else. Depending on wear the thrift store is located; you can find some awesome fashion. I love visiting thrift stores when I go to a city, because it will have things from a variety of types of people, and usually more funky clothes. Good will also gets shipments from target on clothes that are no longer “in style”, so you can get brand new store quality clothing for an extremely low price.

If you don’t like the idea of thrifting, you should check out used clothing stores like play do’s closet or snooty fox. These places buy clothing from people and re-sell it. The clothing they buy has to be brand name or in style however, so you don’t find as many shabby clothes as you do in a thrift store. These places are great, because you can go sell your clothes and use the money to turn around and shop right there, or take it home. You can find really good clothing for great prices. One girl once found a pair of unworn Levi jeans for eight dollars.

Other stores that buy unworn clothes are places like TJMAXX. You can go and get unused clothing, luggage, accessories and housing good for a fraction of the price they would be at retail value. These stores allow people who don’t have the money to pay fifty dollars for jeans or thirty for a tank top to wear clothes that look just as good.

No one should be embarrassed about bargain shopping. If anything, it’s something to be proud about. By shopping at used clothing stores and thrift stores, you are recycling as well as saving money. People who throw clothes away are just wasteful. Saving money is nothing to laugh at, it is something to admire. Even if you don’t need to shop at stores like this, all the money you save can go to something more constructive that cute clothes.

Shopping any one…. Right $$$