You still ain’t get a house yet? Bank Owned $$$

Over the years, people have been hearing a great deal about bank owned properties. And with the ongoing economic crisis, these homes have become more popular among home buyers than ever. Because of their very low prices, these properties have become the perfect solution for families who want to own a nice house in a great city, but can?t afford to do so.

As the name implies, bank owned homes are properties owned by banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. What separates them from ordinary foreclosures is that they were legally repossessed by these financial institutions after they failed to receive bids at foreclosure auctions.

However, lenders are not, by nature, in the housing business. Being as such, they are required to remove lender owned properties, which are listed as ?non-performing assets? in their books, from their possession. Failure to do so may bring them big profit losses or possible injunctions from regulators. This is why they are willing to sell these properties at prices lower than their market value.

If you are on a hunt for affordable real estate properties, one of the best places to look for them is the city of Lexington in Kentucky. Known as the ?Horse Capital of the World,? this city of more than 280,000 people is one of the places in the country with a high literacy rate. A number of local and international corporations, which include Lexmark International, are headquartered in the city. So if you buy a bank owned property in Lexington, the future of you and your family will look promising.

To learn how you can get your hands on affordable lender owned homes in the heart of the ?Horse Capital of the World,? you can visit The web site contains useful resources, which include a free-ten page report on buying real estate owned properties, that can help home buyers find what they?re looking for.