You Vs. The Online World

Sometimes ago l met a man who calls himself “The Apostle of Wealth Creation” He told me something l will remember for the rest of my life. He said “Blessed are those who believe that they can be financially independent, for they shall definitely be, because as a man thinks in his heart so is he.” He continued “For what a man thinks about 99% of the time happens to him. You will become what you believe one day, it is a matter of time because everyone becomes what he believes.” I followed his words of advice and it really worked for me. He further told me “When you are financially independent, thou shall teach thy friends, neighbors, co-staffs etc how to make money unless they reject thy teaching.” For this reason, I write this article.

In letter and Internet Marketing Concepts marketing, studies have shown that 11 seconds is all you have to grab potential client interest. If you make the copy about “why should I care,” you will have a much greater opportunity to keep the client interested and than persuade your client to buy.

Don’t worry about credit card fraud. But do pay close attention to your statements. Check them every two weeks online and refute unauthorized charges within 2 billing cycles, otherwise you will pay for an identity thieves gifts.

is to use Pay-Per-Clicks. These are located on the main search engines. Google, Yahoo!, and MSN each have their own system of ads. Basically you pay the search engine each time someone clicks on your add. Now this can get expensive but you also generate a lot of hits and the possibilities of selling a lot of products through your promotions.


Learn the skills. Also take about the same amount of time each day and dedicate it to learning online marketing skills. Don’t get caught up in any sales hype promising you the world at your feet! I had to through that in because this is total garbage and will keep you from learning how to really make money online. The skills you really need to learn are marketing skills. Keyword research, how to find and use keywords to optimize you’re heading tags, anchor text links and internal linking structure. This may sound complicated but honestly by taking a little time to educate yourself you will find it’s really not that difficult. Just take your time and learn these skills because how your market will likely determine your success.

It is important to remember that your business card represents you and your business. So the moment people touch your card they should immediately have a feel of the standard your business stands for. From the visually compelling colors and design alone, they should immediately see the quality of your products or services. A creatively designed card will tell people about your business and create a memorable impact that would encourage them to pass on your card to others.

Nothing in past marketing history compares with the targeting ability of search engine marketing. Now days we can focus on and offer searchers EXACTLY what they are looking for…down to the very exact phrase they have in their mind.

Technology is ever evolving. To be an effective marketer you should keep up with the latest trends and products especially with new software and hardware. Social media has exploded in recent times and knowing what’s available and how you might use it is vital information.

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